Dynamic Core Class

Dynamic Core  represents our entry level core class.

The word "core" as it applies to stabilization of the human body has been popularized over the last two decades and hundreds if not thousands of products have been produced, catchphrases made, and classes taught in its name.

Unfortunately, the word core and core training are often poorly defined, poorly understood, and poorly applied. Dynamic Core aims to rectify this!

Based on principals of Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS), a ground-breaking method of exercise and rehabilitation, this class will take you through natural progressions of development with an aim of improving your posture, mobility, stability, and movement control.

​Developed by Dr Michael Maxwell, this class is safe, challenging, fun and effective - it will change your perspective on core exercise. Each class will take you through a Developmental Flow in which you will explore stabilization and movement patterning comparable to the movement milestones babies and toddlers experience and explore during the first few years of life. 
Dynamic Core​​
Warning: this is not your typical core class!
An introduction to the Developmental Flow and will teach the foundation of feeling and understanding ideal breathing, stabilization and movement patterns. 
Primary objectives include: 

  • Breathing techniques for relaxation and optimal stabilization
  • Understanding and feeling dynamic spine, foot, hip and shoulder stabilization while establishing...
  • Correct alignment, breathing and stabilization in supine, prone, side support / oblique sitting, sitting, quadruped, standing and squatting
  • Introductory Functional Range Conditioning® techniques to improve mobility and body control
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