Functional Foundations Class

Functional Foundations   will continue to hone your developmental flow skills and will progress to include resistance and more of the fundamental movements of the Hinge, Squat, Push, Pull and Carry.

Functional Foundations assumes the basic knowledge of breathing, stabilization and movement and progresses the participant to greater efficiency and fluidity in transitions; challenges you to more challenging postures; adds increasingly complex patterns and under load to maximize injury prevention, improve capacity, and optimize function.

Completion and a "passing grade" in the Dynamic Core class will be required to participate in the Level 2 class. Exceptions will be made for Total Body patients who have been taught these movements and stabilization patterns through one-on-one instruction with one of our practitioners, and have demonstrated an understanding and basic ability in the Developmental Flow. 

Functional Foundations​​
Hone your Developmental Flow skills
Primary objectives include: 

  • Solidify your breathing and stabilization patterns in supine, prone, side support / oblique sitting, sitting, quadruped, standing and squatting
  • Master the fundamental movements of the Hinge, Squat, Push, Pull and Carry.
  • Improve mobility and body control through Functional Range Conditioning® techniques
Open Class / Drop-In's Welcome!

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Participation requires a "passing grade" in the Dynamic Core class OR a referral from a Total Body Health or approved practitioner.
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