Speaker Series Session 2 - April 19, 2018 
Meditation and Mindfulness:
Shift Your Life and Mindset 

​6:00 - 7:00 pm 

Create a plan and take action to achieve any goal!
1. What would happen if... you felt you were exactly where you needed to be? 

2. What would happen if... everything in your life made you feel like you were aligned with your highest good, and consistently felt powerful, healthy and loved?

3. What would happen if... you already had total happiness and health, but it took less effort?
The bedrock of any successful person is an awareness of their mindset & being able to shift it to positive thinking. Lynn has earned a reputation for distilling strategies into easy-to-understand and highly actionable steps that get people results fast. I suggest you bring an open-mind, as I share why mindfulness can help manage and regulate your daily stressors.

●      Easy mindfulness techniques & “Why” it’s important
●      Thinking processes
●      How the brain works
●      Tasks and strategies for making shifts in your life
●       The same techniques I used to change my life (and help my clients do the same!)
●      My top 5 moves for Peak Performance
    Lynn A Chenier
Strategic Interventionist, Mindfulness Coach & Health Consultant    

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